We have a number of future plans and projects we are working on, but there are a few that we are really keen to start within the next 3 months.  We are passionate about a number of industries, these include;

Pop-up Stores – we love spending our Sundays at some of the vibrant street markets in London, including Spitalfield, Camden, Brick Lane, Portobella and Borough Market.  We would love to get involved with some charming stall holders, to get their finance in order.  We will be getting in touch with a few of them in the next few weeks, but if you think of any in particular you would like us to contact, please get in touch.

Community-based Projects – we are offering free 1 hour slots to some start-up businesses & SME`s based in Cornwall. The aim is to give a creative flair to these businesses and give them the push to start running it.  We are planning on advertising on local community boards and FB pages.

Supporting Start-ups – we will be registering a new company specifically aimed at business start-ups and individuals. This will enable us to keep our costs low for start-up businesses and individuals who are not VAT Registered.  We are hoping this will encourage a number of start-up and individuals to come up with new business ideas.  We are well aware of all the difficulties start-ups face, so every penny counts.